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Big Space

The factories and rail yards of 20th-century Downtown St. Louis have evolved into today’s tech industry, and the Globe Building unites the innovative spirit of both eras in historic, yet modern, offices at the intersection of several fiber optic streams.


Big Fiber

Big ideas and lofty goals fuel your company’s success, but with unreliable connectivity, your momentum gets put on pause. The Globe Building harnesses powerful fiber internet so you never have to wait again.


Big Power

Today’s world is powered by connectivity. The Globe Building’s on-site power substation and unique construction provide abundant and reliable power to cool and energize the systems that support the many large data centers and office users that populate the building.


Office Space

For businesses of all types, from start-up to established, The Globe Building encourages entrepreneurs to grow with the power of fiber.

Tired of Being Held Back?

Data Center

Want to know what’s under the hood? Take a look at the supercharged engine that powers the fastest fiber connectivity in the city.

What Powers the Globe?

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