A Guide to Employee Engagement

The St. Louis business landscape looks much different these days, considering the number of challenges that have shaped it over the past few years. The biggest challenge now more than ever for business owners is understanding why employee engagement and recognition strategies are directly tied to business success and how to implement these strategies.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Employees engaged in the workplace will want to show up for work consistently instead of feeling drained and disconnected. They’ll also be able to weather periods of work-related stress knowing that their team members and managers support them. This bleeds into employees’ ability to find work-life balance, which helps create a harmonious cycle that benefits everyone and the business itself.

When employees love their job, they stay put. During a time when it’s becoming critical to maintain the staff you already have, engagement and recognition are a manager’s superpower. It’s hard for the team to stay productive when there’s a revolving door of employees coming and going. Additionally, the longer employees stay, the more experience within the company they’ll gain and the better chance of internal promotion.

Employee engagement and recognition programs benefit the individual employee, but it also motivates the entire team. It’s basic workplace psychology: When one person performs at a higher level, others follow suit. Imagine a whole team of high performers working towards a common goal of growing the business. Simply put, individual employee engagement leads to entire team engagement.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Participating in employee recognition programs shouldn’t be another task to add to employees’ workload. It should be gamified to make things fun and fair for everyone to join in and get rewarded. Send internal education to update and educate everyone about the program’s rules; it will improve the odds they’ll participate. Additionally, you can keep things fresh by offering these out-of-the-box ideas: 

Food: Team lunches, coffee deliveries, and even sweets to celebrate is a tried-and-true way to express gratitude for a job well done. When your office space is centrally located – like The Globe Building – it’s easy to tap into a wealth of local business in the St. Louis area.

Parking: Who doesn’t love a spot steps from the garage elevator in your building that proudly displays an “Employee of the Month” sign? It’s a great token of recognition for everyone to see as they drive through our parking area.

Time off: An extra day off here and there can help work-life balance and is a valuable reward for all employees. Better yet, treat them to a fun day with tickets to a baseball game or the zoo.

Flexibility: By having office space in The Globe Building, businesses have the tech infrastructure and IT support to offer remote working days for employees. When you allow for more scheduling flexibility, your team feels more invested in the mission and progress of your business.

Find the Perfect Office

When you zero in on a workspace that allows you to boost employee engagement and recognition, you’ll have the foundation for future growth. The Globe Building has a Meet Me Room that enables tenants, carriers, and data centers to interconnect in a shared, carrier-neutral environment without incurring local loop fees. 

The 12 fiber providers serving the five data centers and other tenants in the property make the building the “smartest” building in the St. Louis Region. The easy and low-cost access to gigabit internet speeds will transform your business.

The vintage industrial space has been refurbished and now offers an authentic and inspiring futuristic aesthetic. Our location in the Tucker Boulevard Tech Corridor, just one block from Washington Avenue and less than a mile from the new NGA West, is ideal for tenants and your clients.

Configure your space and scale with ease. Enjoy the luxury of affordable space with total flexibility. The enormous scale of the Globe Building can change your fundamental understanding of the space and the workspace – and how it impacts employee engagement and business success. Contact us today to learn more!