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How to Grow a Business In St. Louis

There’s never been a better time to grow your business in St. Louis! If you’re in the beginning stages of helping your business scale up and grow, there are some important considerations to keep in mind and crucial first steps to take. 

Make the Big Move

Scaling up and expanding your staff means it’s time to move out of the home office and invest in a workspace that reflects your professional development. This is especially important if you’re planning on meeting with clients or customers on the clock. Look for an office setting that will support productivity and send the right message about your brand. Don’t overlook accessibility, parking options, and location as it relates to your target demographic.

Prioritize Tech

Many of your business processes can be automated as you grow to allow you the time you need to focus on the high-value work it takes to further grow and thrive. Invest in the tech tools you need to manage this automation, like upgraded computers and the latest, cutting-edge business software. Make sure your new office space has the infrastructure to allow that tech to work for you instead of against you.

Cybersecurity Map

Bolster Cybersecurity

Your business needs to shore up IT infrastructure and best practices. You should perform data backup consistently, and you should put firewalls in place to close up vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can slip through. Restrict the software that employees can download to your business network, and patch the approved tools regularly to fix any missed security bugs during development. It’s essential to create a culture of safety for everyone, from top to bottom.

Keep Things Flexible

While some office buildings ask businesses to fit into the existing space, some office spaces will be considerably more versatile. This allows you to enjoy the luxury of total flexibility, which means you can build the floor plan that works best for your style of operation rather than adhering to a space that’s already set up. It also means that your office space can bend and fit your business’s needs as you grow and scale.

The Globe Building Garage

Make the Commute Easy

Especially in an urban area like St. Louis, parking is a huge concern for the owner of the business and its employees. The Globe Building has a wonderfully accessible parking facility attached to its structure, giving everyone easy access to their place of employment. The parking garage is climate-controlled, private, well-lit, spacious, and video-monitored, giving drivers precisely the sorts of parking amenities that make everything easier. Commuting to work is hard enough; having ample and convenient parking can take precious time off that commute as your staff grows with your business.

Consider Pivoting

You’re pivoting because of your customers — don’t lose sight of that amid all of the changes. Take time to get consistent feedback and keep the conversation going. This opens up channels for you to understand what your business needs to do and keep them loyal and happy. Stay authentic with these interactions so they can trust that you’ll still be going strong after your pivot is complete.

Ready to get growing? Take a tour of the Globe Building. Its position on the fiber optic backbone, on-site power substation, and unique construction provides abundant resources to grow your business reliably and affordably this year and beyond. Each of the seven floors has floor plans covering almost two full acres, allowing tenants to scale their occupancy as their businesses grow.