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Technology and Amenities Your Office Space Should Have in 2023

Technology has become an indispensable part of modern office spaces. The latest trends in technology and amenities have greatly improved the productivity and efficiency of businesses. If you’re planning on renting an office space for your business in 2023, it is essential to consider the available options. 

Further, many businesses are considering which model of work (remote, hybrid, and in-office) is best for their operation. An office space should consider these models and provide flexible options for in-office and hybrid teams. Whether you’re planning to move office spaces or start a business, let’s look at the technology and amenities you should look for in the building where you’ll lease space. 

Secure Parking

Secure parking is one of the essential amenities your office space should have in 2023. Parking is often an overlooked amenity, but it can make a massive difference in the safety and convenience of your employees. When employees or guests have to park on the street or navigate through an overcrowded lot, they may become frustrated searching for a space, and this negative attitude can affect their experience and performance. 

If employees do not feel safe in the parking area and worry about their vehicle getting damaged or stolen, this will also negatively affect their experience with the company. Look for a building with ample secure parking options monitored by security personnel and equipped with surveillance cameras.

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SCIF Space

In 2023, SCIF space (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) has become a necessary amenity for businesses dealing with sensitive information. A SCIF space is a secure area where sensitive information can be stored, processed, or discussed without the risk of unauthorized access. Although SCIF space is usually associated with government or federal information, more corporations also use SCIF space for key meetings. 

Controlled-Access Elevators

In modern office spaces, controlled-access elevators are becoming increasingly important for security and convenience. With controlled-access elevators, only authorized personnel can access specific floors or areas of the building. This ensures that your employees and assets remain safe from unauthorized access. In fact, controlled-access elevators can also be beneficial for loss prevention measures and overall peace of mind for employees. 

Data Centers

Most businesses are heavily reliant on data and technology. Data centers have become a crucial amenity for businesses that store and process large amounts of data. At Globe Building, we offer state-of-the-art data centers equipped with advanced cooling systems, backup power supplies, and redundant internet connections to ensure that your data remains safe and accessible at all times.

High-Speed Internet

Fast and reliable internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any business. High-speed internet is essential for companies that rely on cloud-based software, video conferencing, and other online applications. If you plan to use a hybrid business model, reliable internet is crucial for team meetings where some employees may call in from different locations. No office building will be able to guarantee there won’t be technology problems at some point, but having amenities like high-speed internet, data centers, etc., sets up your business for success and lessens the likelihood of technical issues. 

Smart Building Technology

Smart building technology is quickly becoming a must-have amenity in modern office spaces. With smart building technology, you can control your office space’s lighting, temperature, and security systems from a single app or device. This technology has taken off in the residential space, but it is just as (if not more) beneficial for an office. 

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Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration spaces have become increasingly crucial for businesses that value teamwork and creativity. These spaces provide a comfortable and inviting space for employees to brainstorm, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. If your business uses a hybrid work model, collaboration spaces work well for employees who may not work in the office enough to justify having their own workspace with a closed door. Further, when a team is all in the office for a day, collaboration spaces encourage them to spend time throughout the day together without the formal feeling of a conference room. 

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In conclusion, technology and amenities will be vital factors to consider when renting office space. At the Globe Building, modern amenities and technology are essential for any business to thrive. From secure parking to smart building technology, we offer a wide range of amenities and technology that will meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our available spaces.