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The Globe Building has always been a reliable home base for communicating information, from the printed newspapers of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat in 1931, to the “1s and 0s” of today for leading telecommunication and data center companies.

The Globe Building is ideally suited for modern communication and data centers due to its unique structural features. Originally designed as a 17-story headquarters and railroad station for the Illinois Terminal Railroad, The Globe Building’s construction was halted at seven stories due to the onset of the Great Depression. The resulting building is structurally “overbuilt” for its seven-story height, with more elevator shafts and supporting steel columns than a typical seven-story building.

No one in the 1930s would have conceived of the advantages this would have for The Globe Building’s telecom and data center tenants in the next millennium. The massive elevator shafts provide vertical risers for fiber, power and cooling. Structural steel supports for a much taller building mean floor loads of over 200 lbs/ft, without any additional reinforcement expense to tenants.

Time and time again, the building has adapted to new technologies to serve the needs of the St. Louis’ entrepreneurial spirit. The Globe Building remains firmly committed to fostering economic and entrepreneurial development, and, in return, the entrepreneurs have become firmly committed to The Globe Building.

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