NGA Contractors 

Your Next Hi-Tech Workspace is Here!

Welcome to the most technologically advanced, high availability property in the St. Louis region, located just 5 blocks away from the new NGA West Campus.

NGA Contractors Office

All The Bandwidth You Need.

And Then Some.

The 550,000 square foot Globe Building is also home to 135,000 square feet of data centers and 12 different fiber providers.
That translates to fast, easy and low-cost access to gigabit Internet speeds.
Not only first-in-class, but we are also first among all other available office and innovation spaces in the region.

NGA Contractors Office
NGA Contractors Office

Always on the Grid

Always straight from the source.

A dedicated Ameren Union Electric basement substation and the three (3) diverse, 13.8 kV utility feeds support the "high availability" needs of the building’s 5 data centers and resident businesses. 
This "always on the grid" capability makes the Globe Building and its spaces unique among any other office or innovation space in the region.

Scalable Spaces

That scale at the speed of business.

Each of the seven (7) floors have 75,000 square foot floor plates that provide tenants the opportunity to readily and reliably scale-up their occupancies as NGA contracts are awarded 
and your enterprise grows.

NGA Contractors Office
NGA Contractors Office

A Contemporary Landmark

Yesterday’s icon turned tomorrow’s workspace, today.

Recently refurbished, the vintage industrial space now offers a new futuristic aesthetic and electric atmosphere to help attract, retain and inspire a highly skilled geospatial workforce.

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