How Gigabit Internet Can Transform Your Office

How Gigabit Internet Can Transform Your Office

How Gigabit Internet Can Transform Your Office

How Gigabit Internet Can Transform Your Office. Businesses are always hunting for every possible advantage over their competition, and Gigabit internet is one of the most impressive ways to get an advantage. Also known as ultra-high-speed internet, Gigabit-speed internet is such a massive improvement over traditional cable internet that businesses using it often wonder how they ever operated in their office building without the upgrade.

If you are looking for a new office space wired for Gigabit internet, The Globe Building can provide, creating a handful of unique benefits to your business:

#1 Improve the Quality of Streaming Video

The most commonly-lauded boon for Gigabit internet among businesses that have switched over is the increase in quality for streaming video and video conferencing. With all that bandwidth, any video you have to use for any business purpose will be completely lag-free, whether you’re showing a Netflix documentary to your staff or video conferencing with someone halfway across the globe.

#2 Make Data Backup Easier Than Ever

Businesses deal with tremendous amounts of data, and more and more often the storage option of choice for that data exists in the cloud rather than on tangible, local servers. Of course, anybody that has ever backed up their personal files on traditional internet at home knows how long that can take, but with Gigabit internet in a commercial office space, backing up data is a flash.

#3 Multiple Users Won’t Bog Down the Network

Another of the most important benefits of Gigabit internet is its ability to accommodate a large number of devices. With many traditional home networks, having four or five people using the WiFi is enough to completely clamp down speeds, but Gigabit internet makes it possible for a much larger number of people to use the network without any noticeable change in download or upload speeds.

#4 Experiment with New Data Formats

Depending on your type of business, there may be an opportunity for you to create and host newer, experimental data formats in ways you never could before. Virtual reality, for example, is something consumers seem to be enjoying more and more often, but those files are huge and wouldn’t really be feasible without an extremely fast internet connection.

#5 Increase Digital Revenue Streams

Some types of businesses are finding an increasing number of opportunities in working with digitally-based revenue, including the sale of digital assets, platform-based businesses, and the digitization of certain products and services. The business world changes so fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but Gigabit internet keeps the door open for more types of revenue streams in this rapidly-changing landscape.

#6 Boost Employee Recruiting

If you want to recruit the most desirable potential employees, boasting an office space with Gigabit internet is going to look great as you pitch yourself as an ideal location to work. If you want the best people working in your office, you have to provide them the best services, and Gigabit internet certainly is one of those.

Any businesses interested in tracking down commercial office space for rent or lease in downtown St. Louis with access to Gigabit internet should consider The Globe Building. If you would like to take a look at the space or ask any questions, contact us any time. We’re happy to help you find a shared office space that provides your employees and your business with everything they need!