Globe Building NEW Garage Parking

The Globe Building offers one of the nicest and most convenient parking options in all of downtown St. Louis. The heated underground facility, has over 400 parking spots, monitored security cameras, and 24/7 access. You drive into the garage through a secure entrance, opened with an electronic key fob, or an RFID card attached to the inside of your windshield. Once inside you'll like the bright LED lighting, wide aisles and convenient pedestrian access to the building, Lucas Street, Tucker Avenue, or Convention Plaza. 

Parking rates are competitive, and the terms run month to month. The Globe also offers a special off-peak rate for those that only need to use the garage on weekends, weeknights and holidays. To learn more, call The Globe office at (314) 241-0450, or email at The Globe Building: big space, big power, big fiber, big parking.