Jared Ogden on Locating at The Globe Building

"I'm an entrepreneur here in St. Louis and what attracted me to Globe was as the company that I started about two years ago grew we outgrew the space that we shared with another St. Louis company. The first time that I walked into the lobby here at the Globe I was impressed. It's got mirror shiny metal type floors and lighting on the sides. I thought I was going into a CIA cover building to tell you the truth. That, and tandem with the high tech communication fiber stuff, now I really think this is a CIA building. This building had everything that my young growing startup company in St. Louis needed. The flexibility as I continue to grow I can grow with the Globe. 

In particular to my company, they have loading docks. They have high bays. They've got all the stuff that I need to optimize and grow my company at an accelerated pace. I have instant access to the maintenance crew. I need a freight elevator. I simply call the front desk, and they just come within five, ten minutes and give me access to the freight elevators. It stops on every single floor here in the Globe as well as both of the parking levels. All the inventory that I store here, the physical security of the actual building, security's not a concern, and it shouldn't be because we want to stay focused on the business and business activities. The Globe gives me the peace of mind as a business owner to know that my employees, that my teammates, are safe and secure, and I've had no issue, zero issue, using the infrastructure here at the Globe building."

- Jared Ogden, CEO of Triumph Systems, Inc.