Five Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a New Office Space. A new office is exciting for a business of any size. Whether you run a startup in need of its first office space or a more established business looking to expand, choosing the right office space for your business can feel daunting as well as exciting.

How do you know if you’re looking at the types of office spaces that will work best for you and your business? There are a few factors to consider during your search for a new office space, each of which is important to ensure your employees have the space needed to help your business thrive.

#1 Convenient Location

Obviously where an office building is located can have a tremendous impact on its success. Most importantly, you want your clients to have an easy time making their way to your office, and you want to make sure it’s located somewhere that makes the daily commute as painless as possible for your employees.

The Globe Building spaces are conveniently located in downtown St. Louis, one block from Washington Avenue shopping, restaurants, and residential lofts. That makes our spaces easily accessible to anyone in and around St. Louis.

#2 Cost

Perhaps most important to your business is what the space will cost. Can you afford the space you want? Are you aware of all the expenses that come with the space? The Globe Building works hard to ensure that those businesses operating in our spaces feel as though they’re making the most of their investment. If you have any questions about the cost of space in a commercial office space, never hesitate to ask.

#3 Fast Internet Availability

In some office buildings, the business owners themselves are responsible for putting the proper infrastructure in place, which might mean downtime during the move. Our location, however, is right on the internet backbone in St. Louis, which means we can provide some of the fastest internet speeds possible thanks to our fiber hub that connects with a number of high-end internet service providers.

#4 Space Flexibility

Our building is set up to accommodate a shared office space, meaning businesses can configure their space and scale with relative ease. Our affordable spaces are flexible for a number of different types and sizes of businesses, and that isn’t always the case with commercial office space.

#5 Available Parking

While street parking on the northside of downtown St. Louis can be a risky proposition, all of our commercial office space for lease comes with access to convenient underground, climate-controlled parking featuring secured automatic doors triggered by RFID. Getting in and out of the building—both for employees and clients—is incredibly easy and safe.

If you are looking for new office space for rent or lease, consider the Globe Building, which offers luxurious space with the types of conveniences businesses require. In looking for a new office space, it would be hard to find a better location for a more a reasonable price in a more convenient part of St. Louis.