Five Things to Look for in a Downtown Monthly Parking Garage

Five Things to Look for in a Downtown Monthly Parking Garage

Five Things to Look for in a Downtown Monthly Parking Garage. There are several parking garages in Downtown St. Louis, and anybody with a job in that area knows how hard it is to find the perfect parking spot in the perfect parking garage. Monthly parking is a reality that all commuters have to accept if they are driving to work every day, but how does one go about finding the right location?

The Globe Building has convenient and affordable monthly parking located in conveniently in Downtown St. Louis, but whether you choose this garage or another one, the following are the criteria you should consider before making a decision.

#1 Ease of Access

The first thing drivers look for in a good underground parking facility is easy access. Slow-moving, unreliable doors and robotic arm components can make getting into and out of a facility really challenging. The Globe Building has new fast-moving garage doors, and the entrances are conveniently located, making it easy to get in and out. We also are open 24/7/365, meaning any of our customers can access the garage at any time. Not all garages offer the same.

#2 Proximity to Work

For those that live or work in the Innovation District in Downtown St. Louis, The Globe Building is located at a very convenient place, but whatever monthly parking place you choose, be sure that it’s within reasonable walking distance of the places you’re trying to be.

#3 Security

If you are going to park your vehicle in a garage, you need to know that your vehicle and the items therein will be safe. The Globe Building has certain measures in place to ensure this is the case, including key-card access to the building itself, well-lit underground parking areas, and video monitoring. It all is designed to make sure your vehicle is safe all day and all night.

#4 Climate-Controlled

While it’s not a necessary commodity for a parking garage, climate-controlled areas are more comfortable for commuters and area residents and easier on any electronic items that may be kept in the car. Comfort matters, and climate-controlled garages provide that.

#5 Cost

Of course, cost comes into play, too. The Globe Building offers affordable pricing, including unlimited access for just $115 per month, which amounts to under $4 per day. For these types of amenities and this convenient of a location, one would be hard-pressed to top this facility for a price so reasonable. In the end, though, understand your budget and find a garage that works well for you.

Request a Tour

The parking facilities at The Globe Building offer each of these criteria, making it an ideal location for many commuters who work in the Downtown St. Louis area. If you think you might like to arrange your monthly parking here, request a tour of the facility any time. We think you’ll love what you see, and we of course would be happy to have you trust your vehicle with us during your work day.