Seven Reasons NOT to Park Your Car on City Streets

cars on city streets
  • One of the many benefits to renting commercial office space at The Globe Building is its convenient, underground parking garage, available to the people who work and live in and around the building. However, we understand that there are a myriad of daily commuters who would rather make every attempt to save a few bucks each month by parking on the street. 

    On the one hand, yes, this can be a more affordable option than parking in a garage, but parking on the street can cost you in many different ways. The following is a quick look as to why you should not be parking your vehicle on city streets:

    #1 Exposure to the Elements

    Street parking exposes your vehicle to the elements, which can be especially frustrating during the winter, when leaving a vehicle outside all day can leave you with the work of removing ice and snow from your vehicle before starting the commute home. Underground parking protects vehicles from ice and snow, making it easy to just hop in your vehicle and head home.

    #2 Lack of Security

    The Globe Building offers well-lit, secure parking with video monitoring to make sure you and your vehicle are safe whenever it’s parked in the building. However, on the street, it’s a free-for-all, leaving you, your car, and its contents exposed to all sorts of dangers that don’t happen in garages.

    #3 Higher Potential for Parking Citations

    Nearly everybody in an urban area has parked in the wrong area at least once and ended up with a citation for their ignorance. One thing about garages is that you’ll never be ticketed because you’ll be parking exactly where you’re supposed to be parking.

    #4 Higher Potential for Damage to Vehicle

    On the street, it’s easy to end up with mystery scratches, dings, and dents—not to mention the occasional sideswiped mirror—because your vehicle is parked mere feet away from moving traffic.

    #5 Parallel Parking is Not Easy

    Fitting into those street spots is in itself a big ordeal. Nobody loves to parallel park, even with backup cameras fully functional, but street parking often requires it. Pulling into a normal spot in an underground garage simply is so much easier.

    #6 No Guarantee of Availability

    Counting on street parking can be stressful because there is no guarantee that a spot will be available anywhere near your desired location. Some days, you can spend entirely too much time driving around neighborhoods just looking for a place to park. This can be terribly frustrating on those days when finding a spot feels impossible.

    #7 Proximity to Desired to Location

    If you want to park as close to your desired location as possible, use parking garages in downtown St. Louis. Street parking means taking whatever you can get, but garage parking—on top of all its over advantages—puts you in close proximity to where you want to be.

    Great parking is available at The Globe Building all year round, so if you are interested in reserving a space for yourself, contact us and remove the headache of street parking from your life permanently!

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