Welcome Home, Stereotaxis

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, The Globe Building welcomed home its newest tenant, Stereotaxis. Local and state dignitaries, including Missouri Governor Mike Parson, were on hand to deliver remarks and help cut the ribbon to officially mark the start of Stereotaxis' new era in the building.

Construction of their new space was completed over the course of 2021 by Wright Building Systems; they created a space that met all of Stereotaxis' medical and technological needs.

Stereotaxis designs and manufactures innovative robot technologies aimed at enhancing the treatment of arrhythmia and other endovascular procedures. Their relocation to The Globe Building is yet another indicator of the building's regional technological superiority; it is host to some of the top tech organizations in the nation. A part of the emerging Downtown North St. Louis Urban Insight District, it is a region that breeds innovation and collaboration.

Stereotaxis: https://www.stereotaxis.com/
Wright Building Systems: https://www.wrightbuildingsystems.com/
Downtown North Urban Insight District: https://downtownnorthstl.com/ 



Voice Over:

In March of 2021, it was announced that Stereotaxis, a surgical equipment developer and manufacturer, would be moving their operations across town from the Cortex Building into The Globe Building, a historic concrete and steel facility that has been refurbished into one of the region's premier technology hubs. Stereotaxis has taken over 43,000 sq ft on the ground floor to serve as their world headquarters and manufacturing space. The Globe has attracted several leading tech companies, including geospatial organizations Maxar Technologies and T-Kartor USA, as well as Ball Aerospace and Geospatial World, making it a crucial pillar in the emerging downtown North St. Louis Urban Insight District. By year-end, the Globe will be home to a SCIF space, and more geospatial firms. Stereotaxis leadership applauded the Globe's capabilities, citing its unparalleled cybersecurity and modern, innovative workspaces as selling points for their relocation. The company believes it is the perfect home for collaboration and growth. Since work began in March of 2021, Wright Building Systems has worked to transform the space into offices, as well as areas for R&D, quality control, and manufacturing, all of which are catered to the organization's medical and technological needs. After months of nonstop construction, it was finally time for the Globe to welcome home its newest tenant.

Dick Fleming, CEO, Community Development Ventures, Inc.:

Today's Stereotaxis grand opening and celebration is what I describe as an economic development dream. A global high-tech leader, located in a beautifully renovated historic Globe Building and becoming the latest anchor in St. Louis in Missouri's newest innovation district, the Downtown North Insight District.

David Fischel, Chairman & CEO, Stereotaxis:

In our local community, we look to have a positive impact through the wide set of local businesses we work with and support. We are known as an honest and reliable business partner. As among the most advanced medical technology companies in the region, we try to facilitate an ecosystem of innovation, and we're particularly excited to be part of the revitalization of downtown, and specifically the high-tech Downtown North District.

Mike Parson, 57th Governor of Missouri:

When you look back at the history of this building, it was a vision for some people to be down here in this area, to build up startup companies, to build up technology. And you look at all the people here today that support these kinds of venues and you think how far you've come in a short period of time, but also how far you're going to go.

James Page, STL Alderman, 5th Ward:

This property is the most technologically advanced office property in the region. It's an exceptionally large, high-availability, brick-and-mortar computer center for almost two decades. It was only just a matter of time before it became what it is today: a downtown technology anchor of regional importance.

John Berglund, Co-Founder, The Starwood Group:

I think even two or three years ago, it would have been a stretch to think of Stereotaxis being down here, and it's a reality now, and it really shouldn't be that much of a stretch.

Neal Richardson, Executive Director, STL Development Corporation:

The downtown corridor is the front door to our city. We must protect that. We must invest in it, and we must continue to attract businesses such as Stereotaxis to grow that base. Because when we are successful downtown, when we're successful in north city, our entire region, our entire state, thrives.