Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage

Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage New

Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage

Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage. Anybody that has had to pay for a parking spot near their workplace in a major city knows that finding the perfect monthly parking garage certainly can prove challenging. There are a number of things that go into making a decision about a parking facility, but here at The Globe Building, we suggest making your decision by giving serious consideration to the following criteria. The one that fits your needs best according to these suggestions is the one most likely to suit your needs as you commute to and from work each day.

Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage


The first, most obvious consideration when choosing a parking garage in Downtown St. Louis is the expense. Anybody that’s ever spent time parking in a major metropolitan area knows that prices range considerably from garage to garage, so finding a location that is going to work well with the parking budget you’ve got set for yourself is a good place to start.

Choosing the Right Monthly Parking Garage


Of course, from there the next step is finding an affordable parking garage that is within reasonable walking distance from your office. It happens sometimes that the more affordable garages are too far away from the workplace to be feasible as an everyday option for parking. Nobody wants to add unnecessary minutes to their commute, especially if too big a chunk of that commute is just walking to and from parking garages in Downtown St. Louis every day.


Like everything else with city parking garages, security varies greatly from facility to facility. Some places station workers at security screens to keep their eyes on things, and others have no human employees on-site at all. If you find yourself interested in a parking facility but aren’t sure how the security works there, feel free to do some research to discover if you will be safe parking there and leaving items in your vehicle while you’re at work.

Underground or Above-Ground

Well-designed underground parking isn’t as common as the above-ground variety, but many businesses are going in that direction because it saves valuable real estate. Aboveground parking provides more natural lighting, but underground parking creates easy access to the buildings overhead. In terms of convenience and protection from the elements, underground parking is proving more versatile.


Not only is it important that your garage be accessible during the hours that you need it to be accessible, but it also should be reasonably easy to get in and out of when parking in the morning and leaving at the end of the day. Not everybody needs a 24-hour garage, but if you’re someone who stays late, make sure you’ll have access to your vehicle during the times you need it.

Climate Control

The nice thing about any parking garage is that it keeps your vehicle out of the harsh sun or cold, while also protecting it from all sorts of precipitation. Some garages like the one at The Globe Building take it a step further by offering climate-controlled environments to ensure your vehicle is perfectly comfortable to drive no matter what the weather may be like outside.The Globe Building offers convenient parking in downtown St. Louis, so if you are looking for a perfect parking garage with reasonable monthly rates, it’s hard to beat what we’re offering in our own underground parking facility.