Westway Services Group, LLC to Build Largest SCIF Outside the National Capitol Region at The Globe Building

October 2021 -- In response to the current and future demand in St. Louis for a secure workspace to support the national security mission, Westway Services Group, LLC has leased 75,000 square feet in The Globe Building to construct a multi-tenant Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and Secret Collateral office space. Westway's facility will occupy an entire floor in the recently renovated 750,000-square-foot Globe Building in downtown St. Louis. The 75,000 square foot SCIF will be complemented by the existing 75,000 square feet of multi-tenant space for non-classified work by Geospatial-Intelligence firms.

The Globe Building has already become the location of choice for several major geospatial intelligence firms, including MAXAR, Ball Aerospace, and T-Kartor USA.

A SCIF is a specially designed, high-security, enclosed area that is federally accredited to facilitate the processing of sensitive information at the highest security classification levels.

Westway Services Group, LLC is the preeminent developer and manager of private SCIF facilities in the nation, uniquely leveraging the needs of classified shared space users in a vendor-neutral environment within their facilities.

In announcing Westway at The Globe Building, Westway CEO and Founder Mark Webber observed, "Westway presents its unique solutions to meet companies' classified, secure space needs via a full suite of facilities, which include information technology and support services to empower both small business entrepreneurs and well-established large firms --- both of which will need SCIF space to meet their contractual obligations in support of national security.

"The size, structure, location, and technology of The Globe Building make it ideal for the development of this SCIF," Webber further commented.

Westway Services Group President Jack Pryor underscored the significance of the SCIF underway at The Globe Building in St Louis, "This unique facility will be the first of its type outside the national capital region offering multiple companies, small and large alike, the platform to support the nation's defense and intelligence missions. This highlights St. Louis' emerging role as a National Geospatial-Intelligence Hub."

Managing Partner of The Globe Building, Steven Stone, noted, "This is terrific news for a region that has been actively recruiting private-sector defense and intelligence companies from other parts of the country and seeking top-tier geospatial intelligence status since the summer of 2016 when then NGA Director Robert Cardillo led the effort to select the 100-acre site in north St. Louis as the 2nd and newest NGA campus."

"Attracting these companies or adding to the workforce of those government contractors that are already here performing unclassified work is quite difficult without the availability of the turn-key, multi-tenant type of classified space that Westway offers. SCIFs are very expensive to build, and the required government accreditation process is daunting, even for industry giants. Predictably, because of the lack of SCIF space, most of the classified work being done for the NGA is not yet being done in St. Louis."

"We are thankful that Westway chose the Globe and Downtown North District. The comprehensive and collaborative efforts of neighborhood developers Jim McKelvey, John Berglund, and Patti Hagen made Westway's location decision an easier one, but it is easy to forget--and many conveniently have--that none of this good fortune would be washing over the region without the game-changing vision and investment of Paul McKee and his funding partners. The new NGA campus would be in Illinois without Paul McKee. The Globe Building is one of the anchors in the emerging Downtown North district, which also includes the newly renovated home of Square, which property is owned by Jim McKelvey and John Berglund. Downtown North is rounded out by the T-Rex innovation and entrepreneur development center."

The district is a few blocks south of the new $1.75-billion, 97-acre National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's "Next NGA West" campus in the heart of the 1,500-acre NorthSide Regeneration Mixed-Use Development.

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