Why PHSU Chose The Globe Building

"So we decided to come to the Globe Building because just look around. The high ceilings, the industrial space, it makes a beautiful learning environment for the students, and it's really our first footprint here in the St. Louis. We've been able to build it out with all these high tech facilities because of the resources that the Globe Building has: the high-speed Internet, the space, the parking, the access to the city so the students can actually be down here. Very excited to be here. 

So one of the great things we have in it, and one of the truly incredible ways that we deliver the curriculum is the use of technology in our classroom, and we're able to do that right here at the Globe Building because the Globe Building sits right on top of a fiber network, and we're able to have enough bandwidth so that we can take all this data coming in. We can process it, we can have the video links come in, the students have the bandwidth to be able to do all these things we're talking about. 

The other thing we have is this anatomized table, which is a truly high tech piece of anatomy dissection, and it's two TV screens, touch screen, and you can dissect the body on it, but again, these are high-res images with lots and lots and lots of data flowing through. You just can't place this anywhere. You need to have certain amenities to be able to run that, the data required to do it, and that's one of the things that Globe Building allows us to do, is have the necessary data so that we can run all these high tech things and really get these students prepared to enter into tomorrow's healthcare workforce. 

It's such a solid place. It really gave us the infrastructure to build what we needed to build, to make sure that we can get all the stuff, the classrooms, the libraries, the offices, the study areas for the students, the rest areas where the students can relax. We had to have a sufficient amount of space, and that's what the Globe allowed us to do. But just as important as having the space is the teamwork. The management of the Globe Building really gave us carte blanche to build it out how we needed to do it, and it was that partnership between what we needed academically and what the Globe Building was willing to do to help us achieve it is what really made this partnership successful, and why we're able to get this up and running in record time."

-Dr. David Lenihan, president and CEO of Ponce Health Sciences University