We've decided to relocate our company to the Globe Building due to the fact that we'll have the expansion that we're undergoing. T-Kartor, we're not a start-up. T-Kartor's a scale-up company and this really is an ideal situation for us to continue growing the right way and the proper way. We've, actually, on track to double in size between, 2018 to now. With the exponential growth we're seeing, we need to find the ideal situation that would, both, allow us the current size we are today and allow us to continue growing beyond our forecast, not just for next year but for the next three to four years. 

We looked a lot around Saint Louis at different options, including even purchasing our own facility. When it came down to it, the Globe Buildings fit all the needs we had. With the fiber optics, the rate of companies that are inside the Globe Building. With the amazing architectural structure of the building, we fell in love instantly. Once we got here, we just continued to work closely with the Globe Building management to, really, find an ideal situation that was gonna work best for us. 

One of the big things for us that the Globe Building offered for us was, not just the data speeds, but was allowing us the ability to expand. And, you know, adjust our space as needed. We do a lot of work for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and, because of the type of work we do, physical security is very important. The Globe Building was, allows us to facilitate that, not just to protect our most important asset, which is our people, but also the ability to, you know, protect the data. Also, through attracting talent, the Geospatial community in Saint Louis is growing. And there's a younger work for the generation that we need to attract the talent of and bring on board. 

The Globe Building is ideally situated in the Gigabyte Corridor which is allowing us, to not just have the location right in downtown St. Louis, but also the restaurants and other things that'll attract a young workforce that we want to retain. And, also, really brings our company to a better facility than they're now, where it's much more attractive, state of the art. We feel it's gonna, basically, really, not just market ourselves from a talent perspective to attract the right people, but, also, really rebrand ourselves and re-image ourselves as a company that's now taking that next step. 

- Simon Bailey, CEO of T-Kartor USA