Elizabeth Wiseman on Parking Downtown at The Globe

"One of the things I really like about the Globe building is the parking garage. I'm mostly fashion photography; one of the things that comes with that is a lot of young women, and they feel really safe in the parking garage. A lot of times, they're also not from the city. People get nervous about coming down to a city or just finding parking on their own, and I always tell them, 'You know, we have a really safe, secure space. We have doors that close after you come in, it's really private, there's great lighting.' That's something that you really think about a lot when you have young women and just anyone who is not normally familiar with city parking, and it's just something I don't have to worry about here at the Globe.

Another cool thing about the garage is that it's underground, so if it's raining, my clients don't have to worry about getting wet. They don't have to worry about getting their stuff ruined, they go straight to the elevator, which takes them right to the lobby, and they're really wowed by the modern feel mixed with the historic character. People come in, and they look down at the floor and they get kind of wide-eyed. The way that the lights are also coming up through the rest of the building, it's just a really modern, fun experience and people are really loving it."

- Professional Photographer and long-time Globe Building tenant Elizabeth Wiseman.