Three Key Amenities to Consider in a Commercial Office Space

Three Key Amenities to Consider in a Commercial Office Space

Three Key Amenities to Consider in a Commercial Office Space. There are a lot of things that go into making a commercial office space feel like a home for your business, and The Globe Building wants to be the answer for businesses in search of a perfect space near Downtown St. Louis. However, we understand that not every company has the same expectations for what a “perfect office space” may be. Even knowing that, there are a few key amenities that any commercial space will need. While there are many, some of the most important include flexible space, high-speed internet connectivity, and convenient and ample parking for employees.

#1 Flexible Space

While there are some office buildings that ask businesses to fit into the space that already exists, some office space will be considerably more versatile. This allows you to enjoy the luxury of total flexibility, which means you can build the floor plan that works best for your style of operation rather than adhering to a space that’s already set up. If you would like to request a tour of The Globe Building to see just how flexible it is in person, please feel free to do so any time.

#2 A Fast Internet Connection

For a business to be truly successful, it needs to invest in the best internet speeds and connections that money can buy, and The Globe’s Meet Me Room offers tenants, carriers, and data centers the ability to interconnect in a shared, carrier-neutral environment without incurring local loop fees.

The Meet Met Room is climate controlled and has UPD-backed power to provide fiber paths throughout the building. There also are individual point of presence (POP) sites available for carriers, and every data center gets a cabinet in this shared space. Fast, safe internet is available to anybody who sets up their business in The Globe Building.

#3 Easily Accessible Parking

Especially in an urban area like St. Louis, parking is a huge concern not only for the owner of the business but for its employees. The Globe Building has a wonderful parking facility attached to its structure, giving everyone easy access to their place of employment. The parking garage is climate-controlled, private, well-lit, spacious and video-monitored at all times, giving drivers exactly the sorts of parking amenities that make everything easier. Commuting to work is hard enough; having ample and convenient parking can take precious time off that commute. That is exactly why it’s so important to have such convenient parking near an office space.

A Future Home for Your St. Louis Business

The Globe Building in downtown St. Louis has commercial office space for lease with precisely these amenities. If you are interested in taking a tour of the facility to see whether this space will work for you and your business, please contact us to book a tour. Finding a home for your business may seem like a challenge, but the right office building can make all the difference. Hopefully, the Globe Building is the right answer for your organization.