The Startup Connection tonight, we've talked to a number of new startup tenants all the way to well established tech companies, and all of them across the board have been very excited to see The Globe Building. They were very surprised at how cool the building actually is and surprised that they didn't know what was here. And so the buzz continues to increase about the building as we get the word out that we are alive and on the market leasing high tech creative office space.
The Globe Building has been repositioned from traditionally how it's operated as a data center building to more creative office, high tech office space. What we have found is these tenants are most excited about the unique aesthetic of the interior of the building, the high-quality office finish that's being delivered. Over the past few years, the ownership has invested significant capital in upgrading the common areas of the building, including the main lobby, the elevators, the restroom cores, common area tenent amenity spaces, and the secured parking area as well. But most importantly is the three per 1,000 parking ratio onsite secured that we can offer to tenants.
For example, if a new prospective tenant, say a geospatial company were to lease 10,000 square feet of high tech creative office space in our building, most comparable office buildings in the downtown market can only offer at most 10 spaces onsite in a structured garage for that 10,000 square foot tenant. Whereas, we are able to offer at least 30 onsite secured parking spaces for a 10,000 square foot tenant.
The Globe Building is ideally located in the burgeoning Tech Corridor, the Tucker Tech Corridor, which is flanked by Washington Avenue to the South and all the restaurants and retail amenities there.
We are offering very attractive lease rates for new prospective tenants at The Globe Building. We're also very excited to start rolling out our brand new conference and training facilities that are under construction and estimated to be completed within the next couple of weeks. Very high tech build out with a new dirt wall systems, high tech internet connectivity, and well connected media systems as well.
One of the things our new tenants are most excited about is the extremely fast internet connectivity that we can offer at The Globe Building. It includes multi-gigabyte fiber speeds, up to 12 separate fiber providers at the building. And with our data centers onsite, we have truly data center level security levels at the building for our office tenants as well.
In addition to that, there are three redundant electrical power supply feeds. The Globe Building truly is a fully connected building 24/7, both from an internet connected standpoint and from an electrical power standpoint.