Why Host Your Event At The Globe


"When we decided to start working with the Globe Building we were looking for a new venue. It had to have a significant amount of space, at least 25,000 square feet or more. We were looking for something innovative. We knew we didn't want to be in a hotel ballroom, so we were looking for something edgy, something different, and something that the startup community would find appealing, so when we were referred to the Globe Building and we walked through, we fell in love with it, and knew that this would be a fabulous place to build out and do us something really creative for the startup community.

We're bringing in over 120 different groups that are displaying tonight, and to accommodate all of that, everything from TV screens, I think last year we even had a Mars rover because they have such fabulous infrastructure, things like the data, the WiFi in the building, it's a very seamless process. People have a great experience accessing what they need either for their displays or on their own social media for the evening.

The staff has been amazing from the time we did the walkthrough to actually working with our event planners, bringing them in, the caterers. That we could just load in large quantities of people, and all their equipment, and move them quickly to the third floor here has been so convenient."

- Phyllis Ellison, Managing Director of Startup Connection

"It's a wonderful space. I mean it really offers a lot of different options, a lot of room, a very cool vibe. If you just look at this place, it's really unlike anywhere else in St. Louis. And then just working in the building you've got freight elevators, you've got all sorts of storage spaces. You've got a lot of things that most places don't have."

-Brian Nolan, Contemporary Productions

"We've produced events all over the country. The Globe is one of our favorite homes. We like to recommend this venue for events. The WiFi is great. The amenities are perfect. And really, it's just a great space to create a great event."

-Jeff Jarrett, Director of Events at Contemporary Productions.